China Labour Bulletin was established in 1994 in Hong Kong to promote and defend workers' rights in China. CLB recognises that in the continuing struggle for decent pay, decent work, dignity, and rights, China’s workers need a union that can represent and defend their interests in collective bargaining with their employer. CLB seeks to hold the All-China Federation of Trade Unions accountable to its members, empower workers to meaningfully participate in the union and make it their own, and thereby transform the union to a genuinely democratic and worker-centred institution.

Everything Is Different, but Nothing Has Changed: 
The Past Decade for China’s Workers

Over the past decade, dramatic economic, social, and technological changes have affected the landscape of workers’ rights in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). But what did these transformations entail for China’s workers? In a recently released report entitled ‘Reimagining Workers’ Rights in China’ (CLB 2022d), we took a worker-centred approach to answering this question […]

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