Fabio LANZA is Professor of Modern Chinese History in the Departments of History and East Asian Studies of the University of Arizona. He is the author of Behind the Gate: Inventing Students in Beijing (Columbia University Press 2010) and of The End of Concern: Maoist China, Activism, and Asian Studies (Duke University Press 2017). He also co-edited, with Jadwiga Pieper-Mooney, De-Centering Cold War History: Local and Global Change (Routledge 2013). He is currently working on a research project on Beijing urban space and the everyday under Maoism.

The Legacy of May Fourth in China, a Century Later

This essay is part of a joint series presented by Jacobin and the Made in China Journal, which aims to elaborate a series of coherent critiques of contemporary China from a leftist perspective.   In March, graduate students at Peking University (Beida) were given a survey on ‘the conditions of the development of university students’ […]

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