Jing WANG 王菁, an anthropologist by training and interdisciplinary scholar by choice, is currently working at the Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication in the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests include the anthropology of Islam and Muslim societies; sound and podcast studies; gender, race, and ethnicity; mobility, diaspora, and memory; translation practices and theories; contemporary Asia and Asian American communities; and multimodal ethnography.

Lockdown Sound Diaries

Podcasting and Affective Listening in the Shanghai Lockdown

In the spring of 2022, Shanghai came under a new Covid-19 lockdown. In that period, the city was filled with desperate cries from ordinary citizens and digitised loudspeaker noises. Paying attention to the everyday soundscape, this essay focuses on what I call ‘lockdown sound diaries’. By examining 49 podcast episodes released between 27 March and 16 April 2022, it highlights women’s voices and food as a medium to reconnect people, arguing that lockdown sound diaries serve as defiant gestures to record ordinary voices and make fun out of bitterness in a time of uncertainty.

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