Rachel Murphy is Professor of Chinese Development and Society at the University of Oxford and Fellow of St Antony’s College. She obtained her doctorate in sociology at the University of Cambridge. Her research sits at the intersection of area and development studies, sociology, and anthropological demography. She examines social changes occurring in China because of industrialisation, urbanisation, demographic transition, migration, education, and state policies. Over twenty years, she has conducted longitudinal ethnography, interviews, documentary research and surveys in villages, townships, counties and cities, and has spent more than six years in China. Her latest book, The Children of China’s Great Migration (2020), was enabled by a British Academy Mid-Career Award. She is developing new projects to explore selected social problems emerging as part of China’s urbanisation.

The Children of China’s Great Migration: A Conversation with Rachel Murphy

In recent decades, China has witnessed the largest movement of people in world history, with hundreds of millions of rural migrants floating between the cities where they work and the countryside where they make their homes. This has had dramatic implications for family life in rural China, and in the 2010s more than 61 million […]

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