Zhongping Chen is a professor of Chinese history and the history of the global Chinese diaspora at the University of Victoria, Canada. He has research interests in the socioeconomic and environmental histories of late imperial China, the sociopolitical history of early republican China, and the global Chinese diaspora, especially Chinese Canadian history. His publications include four books, two co-edited bibliographies, more than 60 journal articles in English and Chinese, as well as works on two websites, Victoria’s Chinatown: A Gateway to the Past and Present of Chinese Canadians (http://chinatown.library.uvic.ca) and the Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project (https://ccap.uvic.ca).

Transpacific Reform and Revolution: A Conversation with Zhongping Chen

In Transpacific Reform and Revolution: The Chinese in North America 1898–1918 (Stanford University Press, 2023), Zhongping Chen traces the networks in which reformers around Kang Youwei and revolutionaries around Sun Yat-sen operated. Chen focuses mostly on Canada and the United States. His time frame is the period between the failure of the Hundred Days’ Reform […]

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