Alessandro Rolandi has lived and worked in Beijing since 2003 as a multimedia and performance artist, director, curator, researcher, writer, and lecturer. He has a background in chemistry, art history, experimental theatre, and filmmaking. His work focuses on social intervention and relational dynamics to expand the notion of art practice beyond existing structures, spaces, and hierarchies, and to engage directly with reality in multiple ways. In 2011, he founded the Social Sensibility Research & Development Department at Bernard Controls in Beijing and Paris, of which he remains Director to this day. He is a founding partner of the Social Sensibility Research Institute.

An Infrastructure for Autopoiesis: On Building a Sustainable Platform for Process-driven Artistic Research and Practice

Autopoiesis (n) the property of a living system that allows it to maintain and renew itself by regulating its composition and conserving its boundaries. China‚Äôs recent economic development policies, including the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), have served as a poignant reminder of how large infrastructure projects often lose connection with the citizens they are […]

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