Zandie Brockett is a curator, editor, and publisher working between the realms of book and exhibition making to present trans-Pacific visual narratives and oral histories that ‘dis-Orient’ notions of the ‘East’. In Beijing, her research on social practice and urbanisation led her to establish Bactagon Projects, a platform for contemporary culture in urban China, and the bilingual literary publication 八家 Bajia. Besides serving as the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, she is a founding member of Distribution Assembly East, a working group and distribution network of independent publishers and book-making artists from contemporary Asia. After eight years in China, Zandie now resides in Los Angeles.

An Infrastructure for Autopoiesis: On Building a Sustainable Platform for Process-driven Artistic Research and Practice

Autopoiesis (n) the property of a living system that allows it to maintain and renew itself by regulating its composition and conserving its boundaries. China’s recent economic development policies, including the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), have served as a poignant reminder of how large infrastructure projects often lose connection with the citizens they are […]

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