Dušica Ristivojević is Kone Bold Initiatives Researcher at the University of Helsinki. She analyses print and digital media, Sinophone and Anglophone; writes about China’s repositioning in the modern world order, transnational social organising, and the politics of women’s and human rights; and thinks about the remains of the ‘second world’ and decolonisation of non-Western social transformation.

Chinese Feminism as We Know It: Public Pedagogies of the Anglophone Media Space

Anglophone media have been reporting about women’s activism in China since the mid-1990s. While sympathetic media coverage of the public performances of young Chinese feminists in the early 2010s gradually built up popular knowledge, interest, and support among the global audience for grassroots feminist activism in China, the arrest of the ‘Feminist Five’ in 2015 brought forward a new set of narratives.

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