Eva Pils is a Reader in Transnational Law at The Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London, where she teaches human rights, law and society in China, and public law. Her scholarship focuses on human rights and the law in authoritarian settings, with a special focus on China. Her publications have addressed the role and situation of Chinese human rights defenders; property law, land and housing rights, access to justice, and legal and political resistance in China. Her latest book is Human Rights in China (Polity 2018).

China’s Human Rights Lawyers: Rifts and Schisms in an Era of Global Human Rights Backlash

While the ongoing human rights violations in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and the dramatic constitutional collapse of Hong Kong rightly demand most of the attention that the news media, international civil society, and democratic governments can pay to China today, systematic violations of human rights continue throughout the country, and Chinese rights defenders are […]

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Human Rights in China: a Conversation with Eva Pils

The topic of human rights is highly contested and subject to a range of diverse interpretations. This is even more apparent in authoritarian contexts like China, where political leaders pass progressive laws and regulations, and sign international treaties, while at the same time regularly cracking down on those citizens who attempt to proactively claim the very rights assigned to them by officialdom. In this conversation, Eva Pils—author of Human Rights in China (Polity, 2018)—and Elisa Nesossi discuss the significance of human rights in today’s China. They look at the challenges that both discourses and practices of human rights pose, not only to the Chinese authorities and citizenry, but also to those outside the country.

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