Guangzhi Huang is an Assistant Professor at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. His research interest lies in the intersection of anti-black racism and urbanisation in contemporary China. Through investigating the representations of and crackdowns on Guangzhou’s African communities, his work seeks to shed light on the racial logic behind neoliberal urban development in contemporary China.

Foreigner in China: Economic Transition and the Chinese State’s Vision of Immigration and Race

China’s recently proposed immigration reforms highlight the country’s need for foreign talent in its transition to a knowledge-intensive economy. The state’s vision, however, seems to be coloured by issues of race. Examining the representations of foreigners of different ethnicities and backgrounds on Chinese Central Television, this essay argues that while the state may be relaxing permanent residency restrictions, it favours white foreigners because of the racialised assumptions about the high levels of education and expertise that supposedly come with their whiteness.

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