Jingyi Wang (Veronica) is a cultural studies critic of contemporary Chinese popular culture and a practitioner of both traditional and new media. Her research focuses on 'folk' culture from/of the 'people' and the renegotiation process of the production of culture. In addition to academic work, she curates her social media platforms to promote critical thinking in China through self-crafted videos and posts. This new media project advances interdisciplinary knowledge for and from the Chinese public through multi-media channels.

From Rebellion to Erasure: The Rise and Fall of Urban Folk Rocker Li Zhi

In the summer of 2019, underground rock subculture became an overnight sensation in China through a talent show called ‘Summer of Bands’ (乐队的夏天). What is notable about this resurgence is the role that the Party-state played in it. The quest of the Chinese authorities for soft power and cultural legitimacy, aimed at ‘[winning] the hearts […]

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