Johnson Ching-Yin Yeung is a Hong Kong human rights advocate, chairperson of Amnesty International Hong Kong, former convener of the now disbanded Civil Human Rights Front, and former student leader. He works as regional campaigner for the Clean Clothes Campaign, an organisation that advocates for a worker-centred, ethical, and sustainable fashion industry. He obtained a LL.M at the University of Hong Kong, with a dissertation about the Foreign NGO Law in mainland China. His interests include civic space, business and human rights, mass movements, and digital campaigning. He is a proud member of the #MilkTeaAlliance.

‘Strike Down Hard Resistance and Regulate Soft Resistance’

The Securitisation of Civil Society in Hong Kong

This essay offers a first-hand account of the current crackdown on civil society in Hong Kong. Under the new national security regime, the securitisation of civil society has posed new structural challenges to the organisational sustainability of all types of civil society groups. Facing the risk of criminal liability, organisations had to adapt their strategies and behaviours to a precarious environment and continue to pursue their missions; many have chosen to disband or self-censor. Understanding this terrain is of the utmost importance for navigating through uncharted territory

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