Kailing Xie is a Teaching Fellow in Gender and International Development at the University of Warwick. Her research explores the underlying social, cultural, and political tensions underpinning China’s economic success through the lens of gender. Her recent monograph, Embodying Middle Class Gender Aspirations: Perspectives from China’s Privileged Young Women (2021), illuminates the centrality of heterosexual marriage as a primary institution in the organisation and reproduction of labour for the market economy, which is imbued with gendered inequality.

The Cultural Politics of National Tragedies and Personal Sacrifice

State Narratives of China's 'Ordinary Heroes' of the COVID-19 Pandemic

While the rest of the world is still battling the latest wave of COVID-19 and implementing lockdown measures to combat the spread of the virus, China has been celebrating its ‘victory’ over the pandemic since the end of February 2020, with Xinhua (2020) announcing a book praising the country’s success in disease control to be […]

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