Ni Leiyun is a PhD researcher in history at the University of Warwick. Her research focuses on food-cultural exchange between China and Britain during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. She is curious about the ways in which food connects different groups of people. As a feminist, Leiyun is an active member of VaChina. She has participated in the Chinese feminist play Our Vaginas, Ourselves for two years. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, she has been leading some antiracism advocacy and community building work.

Outsider Within: Young Chinese Feminist Activism in the Age of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom

In early February 2020, COVID-19 sparked increasing racist violence against Chinese communities in the United Kingdom. In response to this, we as Chinese feminists who study in the country initiated a campaign called ChineseAgainstRacistVirus. Along with coordinating posts on social media, we organised a public protest in London’s Trafalgar Square. Four months later, the death […]

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