Ryan Mitchell is an Assistant Professor of Law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where his research focuses on the history and theory of international law, Chinese legal and political history, and legal theory. His scholarship has appeared in leading academic journals including the Harvard International Law Journal, the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, and the Asian Journal of Law and Society. His book Recentering the World: China's Reception and Contention of International Law is forthcoming from Cambridge University Press. He obtained his JD from Harvard Law School, and his PhD in Law from Yale University.

China and the Political Myth of ‘Brainwashing’

‘Brainwashing’ is a ubiquitous word, a basic part of the vocabulary in various languages around the world. In fact, the allegation is used so frequently in modern discourse that we might be puzzled as to how political arguments ever got by without its striking, pejorative imagery. It is de rigueur to describe those with different […]

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