Stevan Harrell is an interdisciplinary environmental scholar who conducted research in Taiwan and China for many decades and taught at the University of Washington from 1974 to 2017. His next book, An Ecological History of Modern China, will be published by the University of Washington Press in 2023. He is now writing a memoir of the Yangjuan Primary School in Yanyuan, Sichuan, and has started research for a possible book on the history of farming in Whatcom County, Washington.

Prometheus Brings Water: Development and Fix-Fixing in China

Nowhere is the Chinese Party-State’s Promethean thinking more vividly apparent than in its continuous proclivity to build more and bigger water projects. And where these projects create problems, the solution is not to remove the projects but to build further projects, to construct ‘fixes to fix the fixes’. From Yellow River conservancy in the first […]

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