Taru Salmenkari is an Associate Professor at Tallinn University, Estonia. Her research interests focus on civil society and other social spaces in East Asia, specifically in China and Taiwan.

A Post-Covid Spring Has Come

The Latest NGO Boom in China

A boom in the nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) sector was evident in post-Covid China during my fieldwork in April–June 2023. After the Covid-19 lockdowns were lifted and the leadership change was completed in late 2022, there was an upsurge of NGO events, collaborations, and transnational networking. Live events, including NGO conferences and the Beijing Queer Film […]

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Conceptual Confusion in the Research on Chinese Civil Society

Chinese civil society research is obsessed with finding non-governmental organisations. In this search, different types of civil society organisations are conflated, and non-governmentality becomes the sole factor that matters. Analytical accuracy is lost when too many things are fused under one term, especially when more accurate and nuanced terminology is available.

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