Trained in English and comparative literature in Singapore and London, Yawen Li is a researcher broadly interested in postcolonial criticism, issues of trauma and memory, and transnational activism.

Spectres of Anticolonial Internationalism in Contemporary China

Observations during a Time of Global Struggle

On 1 March 2022, just one week after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an anonymous group of internationalists from mainland China composed a letter expressing their support for the Ukrainian people. The document, titled ‘Sharing the Shame: A Letter from Internationalists in Mainland China’ (与有耻焉: 来自中国大陆国际主义者的一封信), was subsequently published by Chuang, a website renowned for its […]

The Melancholy of Kinship in Post–One-Child China

On 26 July 2021, Canadian swimmer Maggie Mac Neil won the Olympic gold medal in the 100-metre butterfly, beating China’s Zhang Yufei by 0.05 seconds. This sparked heated online discussions regarding child abandonment, especially of baby girls, in China during the one-child era (1979–2015). According to reports in Chinese mainland media, Mac Neil was given […]

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