Zheng Churan (also known as ‘Datu’) is a Chinese feminist activist who has been campaigning against gender discrimination and sexual harassment in China. In 2015, she was arrested along with four other feminist activists, collectively known as the ‘Feminist Five’, for organising a public campaign against sexual harassment on public transportation. In 2016 she was selected by BBC as one of the 100 Women of the Year.

Separated Again by a High Wall

On 20 March 2019, Wei Zhili, a labour activist and editor of the pro-labour social media group ‘New Generation’ (新生代), was arrested at his home in Guangzhou. Two of his coworkers, Yang Zhengjun and Ke Chengbing, have also gone missing. In the preceding months, Wei—or, as friends call him, ‘Xiaowei’—had been assisting workers with pneumoconiosis […]

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