Craig A. Smith is Senior Lecturer of Translation Studies at the Asia Institute, University of Melbourne. Trained as a historian, his research focuses on the intellectual history of China in the early twentieth century. He is the author of Chinese Asianism 1894–1945 (Harvard University Asia Center, 2021) and co-editor of Translating the Occupation: The Japanese Invasion of China, 1931–1945 (University of British Columbia Press, 2021). His writing on China-centred transnational regionalism has appeared in Twentieth-Century China, Cross-Currents, and Modern Chinese Literature and Culture. He also regularly translates contemporary Chinese and Japanese articles.

Chinese Asianism Yesterday and Today: A Conversation with Craig Smith

Craig Smith’s new book, Chinese Asianism (Harvard University Asia Center, 2021), examines Chinese intellectual discussions of East Asian solidarity, analysing them in connection with Chinese nationalism and Sino-Japanese relations. Beginning with texts written after the first Sino-Japanese War of 1894 and concluding with Wang Jingwei’s failed government in World War II, Smith engages with a […]

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Industrial Landscapes of Socialist Realism

Although industrial landscapes today appear as one of the most alien of art forms, they were once fundamental as backgrounds of socialist realist paintings. This essay examines the legacies of two masters of the genre in China and North Korea—Song Wenzhi (1919–1999) and Chōng Yōngman (1938–1999)—and demonstrates how different revolutionary histories have led to a divergence in legacy and achievement.

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