Xinmin Liu is an Associate Professor of Chinese and Comparative Cultures in the School of Languages, Cultures, and Race at Washington State University. In 1997, he received his PhD in Comparative Literature from Yale University. Since 2005, he has focused his research on cultural geography, landscape aesthetics, and ecocriticism in China and the West. He published a volume of ecocritical writings titled Embodied Memories, Embedded Healing: New Ecological Perspectives from East Asia, which he co-edited with Peter I-min Huang (Tamkang University, 2021). He is currently completing a monograph entitled Reawakening the Ecological Imaginary: Interlaced Agencies in China’s Agrarian Heritages.

Situating the ‘Science’ Craze in China

The Stillbirth of Simulated ‘Villas’ in Ordos 100

This essay focuses on the widespread techno-science craze in contemporary China, examining its complex and often misguided role in the country’s pursuit of ‘urbanism’ as a benchmark of modernisation. Drawing on Chinese scholar Tian Song’s invitation to be vigilant against an unreflective faith in science, the article looks critically at the technicist mindset of many […]

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